The Languages of the Future: Beyond FIGSJ!

Thu, 24 September 2020

While the conference theme “Shaping the Future of the Language Industry” will certainly lead to many sessions centered on technological and business innovations, this panel of speakers explores the much less talked about side of the world’s linguistic landscape: Beyond the “big” languages such as FIGSJ (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese), there are ca. 6700 other languages on our planet! While tools and technology cater to the big markets, the world’s linguistic heritage is shrinking every day as small and indigenous languages disappear at an alarming rate. Just think about it: Without a given alphabet how do you develop a keyboard layout? Without a documented grammar and dictionary, how can there be a language model? Without a digital input method and a documented language structure, how far apart is your language community from neural machine translation so readily available from German into English? Without a large corpus of audio recordings how would your language participate in the speech recognition revolution? Every day the gap widens between languages that take part in the technological advances of the localization industry and those that get left behind. With this in mind, the United Nations declared 2019 The International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL) in order to raise awareness of the important contribution they make to our world’s rich cultural diversity and promote their digital transformation. But will the future of our industry keep ignoring the indigenous languages or are there ways to make our ever more sophisticated language technologies more inclusive? This panel of speakers will discuss key initiatives in the IYIL and, in particular, share the success story of Cherokee as one less language left behind in the digital transformation.

Host organization: Salesforce
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  • Roy Boney

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