True Engagement of the End-User: What It Takes, and Where It Needs to Be!

Thu, 24 September 2020

We know one of the hardest things about an organization with a global footprint is to guide – AND CONVINCE – all stakeholders about why real engagement of people communicating across languages matters, and how to get it done well, and how to get it done right! The advance of technology has provided us with shiny and attractive options of how interpreting can help us bridge the gaps of engagement, but these options don’t come without a price tag, change management, and continuous evolving.  In this session, we will take a look at a journey Rotary International has taken to put the end-user first when it comes to interpreting, and cope with the unforeseen challenges along the way.  We will also discuss and brainstorm what still needs to happen, and what role we all play to get there!

Host organization: Rotary International
  • Speakers
  • Fardad Zabetian

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